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Our Virtual Reality Gallery “Hope” can be accessed here-


You will get the best results by using your most up-to-date laptop, tablet or phone and using the Chrome browser.

If you try out the gallery and email feedback to Sue, she will send you a £3 voucher to use in our online shop. This includes telling us that you tried but failed to get in or experienced other difficulties. Let Sue know. (Offer ends 31st October 2023.)

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You may find our guidelines about the virtual space useful.

Getting into the virtual space.

When you follow the link, you will see this box:

Sign in box for Frame

Type your name into the box, which will probably say Guest, then tap “Connect”.

If you want to customise your avatar, you can do so from this box. Click on Avatar settings, before you click Connect.

Be patient. The gallery will look like an empty room at first and it may take up to 90 seconds for all the pictures to appear.

Clicking the V on your keyboard will enable you to see your avatar as you would in a video game. Clicking on V again makes your avatar disappear for you (useful if you want to look at pictures!)

Moving around the gallery

All devices vary slightly, but on computers the keyboard keys Q,W,E,A,S,D and the direction arrows can help you to move around and to change your view. You can also grab the background with the mouse cursor to turn or to look up and down.

On mobile, you can drag on the screen to look around and use the joystick at the bottom left or the circle in the middle of the screen to move around.

Looking at the artwork

If you click on a picture, even from a distance, you will get an option to zoom in on it. Click outside the zoomed picture to return to the gallery. You can also click on a picture and follow the link to the web page with all of the details of the picture. That web page will open in a separate tab.

If you meet other people in the gallery

Speaking and listening

If you wish to speak, you will need to unmute, using the microphone symbol on the bottom tool bar.

You will notice that there are boxes made of blue lines on the floor (see photo below). These are voice zones.

Basically, when you are in a voice zone, you can only hear people in the same voice zone, and only be heard by people in that voice zone.

When you enter a voice zone, you will hear a ping. When you leave a voice zone, you will hear a metallic click.

If you move when you are talking to somebody and then you can’t hear them, the chances are that you have accidentally left the voice zone, and need to go back in to continue the conversation.

Using your web cam

You are welcome to use your webcam when you are in the gallery. The video camera button on the bottom menu will turn your camera on and off. If you experience slowness or jumpiness in the gallery space, it may help to turn your camera off.



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