Turmoil is nothing new; God is still in control.

Storm by James Martin

When we read the history in the Old Testament, we see that society was in a state of flux and upheaval at many times. I am thinking of the flood that Noah and his family survived, slavery, corruption, famines and wars. These seem very modern issues when we consider the turmoil of our world situation. Everything seems uncertain. Mankind seems to be less in control of world situations than perhaps we imagined twenty years ago.

The reality is that God is the only unchangeable, dependable thing. He created the world, and will see the end times through to the point where He announces a new heaven and a new earth. No, I can’t get my head around that either! But the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom and that is what the Bible says is true.

So when we are surrounded by storms, we do what is counter intuitive. We stand up in the boat and worship our Father. He is mighty to save.  The painting is “Storm” by James Martin.

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