The first artists’ Zoom meeting!

Snapshot of artists gathering 25-05-2020

How lovely it was to see Jean Mintoft, Lynne Pugh, Cindy Norris, Carl Irving, Philip McMullen, Claire Bower and Mark Wiggin at the Zoom meeting last night. Andy Newham is also in the photo as he joined us to talk about the new website he has built for Veritassse.

We introduced ourselves and showed what we are working on at the moment. It was clear that we are all very different in the amount of time we have to be creative, the type of work we do and how the lockdown was affecting our work, for some leading to a change of direction. As people showed their work, a real respect for everyone’s unique creativity was evident, and positive and helpful comments affirmed people’s individual giftings.

Veritasse artists decided to hold regular Zoom meetings, although it is unlikely that everyone will be able to attend each time.

It was great to have this feedback from artists who came along: “Thank you so much for organizing the Zoom meeting. It was really great to see you and to meet all the other artists. I now feel a part of something in a way I didn’t before.”

“It was an absolute delight to get to meet you and the artists ‘in person’ on zoom today.” 


If you are wondering how to get involved as a Veritasse artist, please read more here-

Written by Sue Newham

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