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We rarely have issues with purchases, but if these occur, we may offer a replacement, or a full or partial refund. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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Important note regarding printed products: We make every effort to supply high quality prints, but cannot guarantee their lifespan, as this is very dependent on display conditions. Even archival quality inks can fade if placed in direct sunlight, so we recommend you keep prints out of direct or strong reflected sunlight. We also suggest using one of these glazing products when having your picture framed: Conservation glass, UV Filtering Plexiglas, Picture Shields inserts.

The product specs are as full and accurate as we can make them, but there may be small variations from time to time. When buying unframed products, we advise all customers to make their own measurements once the print arrives, in order to determine a suitable frame size

We hold information in line with our Privacy policy, which forms part of these terms and conditions.

Veritasse Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom under company registration number 07756011. The registered office is Bodlondeb, Back Lane, Newtown, Powys. SY16 2NH

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