Who is this man?

An acrylic painting by Jean Mintoft, £550 plus postage and packing

Who is this man by Jean Mintoft, framed

“The people stood watching and the rulers even sneered at him.” Luke 23:35;  also “Who is this who even forgives sins” Luke 7:49

“The crucifixion is the climax of history, and paintings of the event have been numerous and various over the centuries. Many years ago, I felt moved to paint the crucifixion too, but used a kind of cubist style, because I felt I could not do justice to such a heart-wrenching event by painting in a realistic style. Someone bought the painting, and I did not have a print or any decent record of it, but when I heard about this Exhibition, I felt the urge to paint the crucifixion again in a similar style.

The Jewish leaders sneered at Jesus, Peter denied him, the soldiers mocked him, passers-by insulted him. Yet when Jesus had given up his spirit, the soldiers and guards exclaimed “Surely he was the son of God.” (Matthew 27) Each individual must decide for himself who Jesus is.

This painting directs the focus on Jesus, as those standing by come to their own conclusions as to who he is, in the quiet of their hearts.”  Jean

Watch this short video, in which Jean talks about her work and pictures- https://youtu.be/QBDu6kV5uaM


This acrylic painting has a white mount and 4cm wide flat grainy grey frame.

The size of the picture is 29cm by 37cm. The framed size is 41cm by 51cm.


If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Sue.contact photo



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