The Mother and Child

An artwork created using coloured pencils and embossing by Philip McMullen

Framed picture £400 plus postage and packing

The mother and child by Philip McMullen

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

“Mary and baby Jesus….the tender love of the mother for her child who is sleeping in her arms. This involved a degree of experiment as I wanted to focus down to the faces of the mother and the baby. I did this by using a degree of abstraction with the blue ’tiles’ surrounding the mother and child. The colour is due to the tradition of depicting Mary in Lapis Lazuli blue. To achieve this I coloured each ’tile’ separately with a range of colours beneath the surface blue. This gives a lustre and richness. Top left I included the Alpha and Omega letters as a kind of signet impression to indicate the holiness and glory of the birth. This is another subject that I would lie to return to, perhaps in a more traditional mode.”  Philip

This artwork is created using coloured pencils on paper, 28cm by 23cm approx. The framed size is 51cm by 46cm.

The picture is triple mounted with a thin strip of navy. The frame is white and slightly sculptured.

Hear Philip talk about his techniques in creating this and other stunning pictures-

The mother and child by Philip McMullen, framed

If you would like to purchase this artwork, please contact Sue.

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