I want to see, Lord by Sue Newham £500 plus postage and packing

I want to see, Lord by Sue Newham


“Bartimaeus was a professional beggar, used to asking people for money, food and help with getting around.

When Jesus came along, he recognised that Jesus was different. He shouted out specifically to Jesus. By calling him “Son of David”, he showed that he had faith that Jesus was the Messiah. He threw off the cloak that marked him out as a beggar and asked Jesus for what he really wanted more than anything else, his sight.

Hebrews 11 ; 1 says “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Bartimaeus hoped in faith, that Jesus could change his life and he put himself into the path of the miracle he hoped for. He allowed himself to be vulnerable.

When I heard a sermon on this story, I felt that God was asking me if I was prepared to put everything else in my life on the line, in order to see Jesus.

As I planned this picture, I used two figures from Rembrandt as a starting point and also used his method of making the background dark to emphasise the action in the foreground.

I felt strongly that Bartimaeus would want to reach out to Jesus to see that he really had his attention. Jesus, of course, does what none of the bystanders would expect, and reaches out to Bartimaeus. This was a criticism of Jesus throughout his ministry, that he was prepared to spend time with, eat with, touch and be touched by people who were regarded as outcasts. How glad I am that he does.”                           Sue Newham

The picture is painted in oil on stretched canvas, 40cm by 50cm. It is unframed, but painted around the edges of the canvas.

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