SOLD “Praising God from dawn to dusk” by Lynne Pugh

£380 plus postage and packing

Dawn to dusk by Lynne Pugh

“I have always marvelled at beautiful skies. They are my favourite thing to paint and move me to praise God.

The two great lights God set in the sky, the sun and moon, declare His glory. He made them and pronounced them ‘very good’. Created to give light by day and set the seasons, they each have a beauty of their own. So important are they to man that we have been warned not to worship them but instead look to the Creator!

This painting is created as one of a pair using the same five colours in both pieces. The partner painting is “The moon and stars which you have set in place,” which you can see here.

Psalm 113 v 3 is the verse that was my main inspiration for painting. “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.”  Lynne Pugh

You can see a short video in which Lynne talks about her paintings here.

The painting is acrylic paint on canvas and measures 45cm by 35cm. The painting continues around the edge of the canvas, so the picture can be hung unframed, but Lynne can offer framing as a separate option. An extra cost will apply for framing.

The artist will send out the painting from the UK.

If you wish to purchase this painting, please contact

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