“The Annunciation”

a picture created using coloured pencil and embossing techniques by Philip McMullen

£400 plus postage and packing

The annunciation by Philip McMullen

“And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.”  Luke 1:38

“The Annunciation is one of those subjects for drawing and painting that has a long history. During the Renaissance great painters from Giotto, Fra Angelico to Leonardo da Vinci tackled the subject. The depiction of the Annunciation has a few technical issues to consider, not least the way the figures of Mary and the Angel Gabriel interact as Mary is given the good news that she is to give birth to the Messiah, Jesus.  I  wanted to present the angel as not sentimental, but rather to show the holiness and other-worldliness of the angel. I wanted to do this in ways that would keep him grounded in the real space he occupies to talk with Mary. Mary herself I wanted in a suitable pose, of reverence, submission and joy. I hope (the Lord willing) to return to this subject, as it is a rich tradition and always present a challenge.”  Philip


Philip explains his creative process for this and two other paintings produced for the 2020 “New Originals” exhibition- https://youtu.be/mr8MwbBgDLo

This picture is created using coloured pencil on Bristol Board. The size of the picture itself is 24cm by 16cm. The framed size is 47cm by 40cm.

The picture is triple mounted with a thin dark blue layer to accentuate colours in the picture.  The frame is white and slightly sculptured.

The Annunciation, framed

McMullen- The annunciation framed

Detail of the design process- initial drawings

The annunciation by Philip McMulleni

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