“God’s abundant blessing” by Lynne Pugh

£380 plus postage and packing

Gods abundant blessing by Lynne Pugh

“The pouring oil in my painting brings to mind Psalm 23. The verses tell of a generous God who gives so that we lack nothing. Who gives rest, leads, guides and refreshes us. A God who keeps us safe and who tends us with goodness and mercy.

Verse 5 says ‘You have anointed my head with oil; my cup overflows.’ God blesses us generously…beyond our asking… abundantly!

Notice the position of the man in the painting, he is kneeling in surrender, acknowledging that he has no power of his own and that he is in the presence of One who is mighty. When the oil (representing God’s blessing) comes, it is not a stingy trickle, it pours out! The man feels it as Aaron felt it, running down on his beard, running down on the collar of his robes! (Psalm 133 v 2). He opens his fingers and it runs through, it pools around him. Why so much? Well, that oil will spread. We have enough to be generous to others, we are blessed to be a blessing.

I tried to create a scene that was heavenly rather than earthly. I didn’t want to paint a traditional sky painting but something different, other worldly, yet still beautiful.”             Lynne Pugh

The painting is acrylic paint on canvas and varnished. It measures 50cm by 40cm. The painting continues around the edge of the canvas, so the picture can be hung unframed.

The artist will send out the painting from the UK.

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