The first artists’ Zoom meeting! Snapshot of artists gathering 25-05-2020

The first artists’ Zoom meeting!

How lovely it was to see Jean Mintoft, Lynne Pugh, Cindy Norris, Carl Irving, Philip McMullen, Claire Bower and Mark Wiggin at the Zoom meeting last night. Andy Newham is also in the photo as he joined us to talk about the new website he has built for Veritassse. We introduced ourselves and showed what […]

Is my artwork suitable for the Veritasse collection?

This is a question asked regularly by artists who are Christians, so here is the answer. Veritasse is a Christian company, so has to consider saleability very seriously when adding pictures to the print collection. There is no point in spending time, energy and money adding pictures to the Veritasse collection which will not sell. […]

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