Is my artwork suitable for the Veritasse collection?

This is a question asked regularly by artists who are Christians, so here is the answer.

Criteria for work being added to the Veritasse print collection- June 2020

  1. The artist must have a cohesive body of work to display on the Veritasse website (Note for artists- work must be cohesive to start with but artists are encouraged to progress in their style, so new work does not have to be the same.)


  1. The work must complement other artist’s work on the Veritasse website.


  1. Art work must have a clear Christian theme. The title must be specific, clear and relate directly to a Biblical theme or scripture.


  1. Work must be of a high technical standard and well composed. (Note to artists- This might include good proportion of figures and objects, use of colour etc.)


  1. An image must be the original work of the artist and must not infringe the copyright of others, including through the use of source photos.


  1. The picture must be attractive to the viewer and something they would want to hang on their wall. The subject needs to be understandable without the need to read about it first.


  1. Veritasse artwork is inspirational. The picture must engage the viewer. It must be uplifting and hopeful.  It must draw the viewer into the picture in order to ponder the spiritual message and create an emotional response.


  1. The criteria above mean that we do not accept pictures that are purely abstract or negative in tone, or pieces with text.


  1. For printing purposes, images are required to be either square or the same proportions as an A3 piece of paper. Other shapes would need to be digitally cropped, which may make them unsuitable for the print collection


  1. Artists are required to add new work to the Veritasse collection on a regular basis.


  1. There is an expectation that artists will support each other when they are able. This will include attending online meetings from time to time.

When we accept new artists, we aim to add 3 or 4 works by them at the same time, as this gives a better representation of their work.
If you think your artwork maybe suitable for the Veritasse collection, please send 4-6 examples to

contact photo

A selection panel of 4 people looks at all new submissions and considers them against the criteria. Panel meetings happen once or twice a month, and you will hear back shortly afterwards.

May God bless you.


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