Is my artwork suitable for the Veritasse collection?

This is a question asked regularly by artists who are Christians, so here is the answer.
Veritasse is a Christian company, so has to consider saleability very seriously when adding pictures to the print collection. There is no point in spending time, energy and money adding pictures to the Veritasse collection which will not sell.
When considering new work, which artists submit by email in most cases, we have certain criteria.
Is the work of a high standard technically? This means that the proportions of figures and objects must be credible and that the composition is interesting. The medium of the work must be applied with skill.
Is there a clear Christian theme?
Is the picture attractive? As most purchases are for the home, this is an important consideration.
Does the picture engage the viewer? The most popular works are those which invite the viewer to “put themselves in the picture”, where they can identify with the spiritual message and emotions of the piece.
We also look for work which will complement work already on the site, rather than replicate it.
We do not usually accept purely abstract artwork or work with a dark or negative feel. Pictures with text incorporated are often problematic to reproduce at different sizes whilst retaining legibility, so may not be suitable for that reason.
Veritasse makes production savings by having two standard formats for prints. These are a) square pictures b) pictures with the same proportions as an A3 sheet of paper. Very long thin pictures may be impossible to reproduce and other shapes will need cropping, which may also make them unsuitable.
When we accept new artists, we aim to add 3 or 4 works by them at the same time, as this gives a better representation of their work.
If you think your artwork maybe suitable for the Veritasse collection, please send 4-6 examples to Sue Newham on

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