Wendy Ross

Wendy Ross- artist“I adore the daily journey of walking with God. Moment by moment yearning to feel His presence within the ebb and flow of motion and even more palpable in the quiet reflective stillness. It is whilst painting that I feel the gentle whisper and profound ushering of the Spirit to create and to pour forth this divine feeling that dwells in the heart. I find myself becoming immersed in the artistic process, captivated by the dance of paint upon paper or canvas, as the theme emerges. Prayer and contemplative listening nurture a more intimate relationship with God, and for me, painting enhances this feeling of closeness, of peaceful bliss. I believe the beauty of Christian inspired art is to encourage reflection upon Divine mystery, to interpret the Biblical narrative, to open our eyes and illuminate our thoughts.”


Wendy’s work in the Veritasse print collection:


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