Lynne Pugh

Lynne Pugh- artist

“Painting and drawing have always been important to me and now are the tools by which I make my living.

As a little child I drew during lengthy sermons and still remember longing for the ‘talk’ to start so that my mother’s hand would slip quietly into her handbag and draw out paper and pencils for her four lively children! Maybe this was where my connection between God and art began, it certainly seems the most natural thing to me to paint and worship, to draw and listen for His voice.

I love pictures which contain a message, I love to have the opportunity to share my faith whilst appearing only to be sharing a picture! Its the easiest tool for an evangelist as people look for meaning in a painting, long to understand what the artist is trying to say.

If God can use one of my pictures to speak for Him I am honoured, humbled and give Him all the glory.  What a privilege that He lets us partner with Him in His work!”               



Lynne Pugh’s original artwork
Lynne’s work in the Veritasse print collection


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