Lois Thompson“After completing an art degree, I found that God began to show His pleasure in the work I began to create. I created an installation of frozen ice hearts, not pretty but misshapen with life and pain. Some were stuffed with painful objects, like nails and broken glass and gunk.  Others were stuffed with beauty such as a poem, a flower or a precious jewel.  As they melted,  you could hear them cracking as the pain and the beauty within was released. It was a powerful picture of the love of Jesus melting us so that He can heal, free and release us.
So began my journey of bringing God’s heart alive in a visual format, whether within the church context or not.
Most work begins with thoughts or concepts that I could not have thought of by myself. For example, the painting entitled ‘My heart is like a bird in your hands’ was after the death of my husband in 2020, and enforced isolation through Covid. God showed me how vulnerable our brokenness is to Him. We cannot bear others to enclose us, but  the hands of a wise Father know how to release and heal deep pain and hurt. I have found He is just as happy to be in the ordinary. I’ve found that prophetic art is not a spiritual step up, but rather a grace deposit, an undeserving and wonderful gift into hearts who love and receive Him.”     Lois Thompson


Lois’ original artwork for sale on the Veritasse website:
Lois’ work in the Veritasse print collection


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