Jean Mintoft

Jean Mintoft- artist

“I have loved drawing and painting all my life and would have loved to go to Art College, but I was not allowed. When I came to know Jesus at the age of 22, I thought art was something God could not use, so I deliberately gave it up “for Him” because I felt that was what He wanted. Through the years I enjoyed painting as a hobby, but after I retired and moved to the west coast of Wales in 1999, I felt God clearly urging me to paint. Unexpectedly, He was giving me back the gift which I had surrendered to Him!

I now live in Plymouth, Devon, and love the beautiful landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and scenes where there are strong contrasts of dark and light; I sense God’s glory in these places. On occasions, I have been able to express my faith directly in the subject matter of my paintings. But even when my paintings do not have an overtly spiritual theme, I seek to show joy, beauty, clarity, wonder, wholesomeness and “life” in my work (as Paul urges the Philippians in Phil 4:8 to think on such things). I always aim to glorify God in my painting, and believe it pleases Him to see me using the gift He gave me.”

Jean’s work in the Veritasse collection


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