Jean Mintoft

Jean Mintoft- artist

“I have loved drawing and painting all my life and would have loved to go to Art College, but I was not allowed. When I came to know Jesus at the age of 22, I thought art was something God could not use, so I deliberately gave it up “for Him” because I felt that was what He wanted. Through the years I enjoyed painting as a hobby, but after I retired and moved to the west coast of Wales in 1999, I felt God clearly urging me to paint. Unexpectedly, He was giving me back the gift which I had surrendered to Him!

I now live in Plymouth, Devon, and love the beautiful landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and scenes where there are strong contrasts of dark and light; I sense God’s glory in these places. On occasions, I have been able to express my faith directly in the subject matter of my paintings. But even when my paintings do not have an overtly spiritual theme, I seek to show joy, beauty, clarity, wonder, wholesomeness and “life” in my work (as Paul urges the Philippians in Phil 4:8 to think on such things). I always aim to glorify God in my painting, and believe it pleases Him to see me using the gift He gave me.”

Jean’s original artwork for sale on the Veritasse website:
Jean’s work in the Veritasse print collection


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