Geron Sullivan

Gez Sullivan-artist“I paint and draw for pure enjoyment and pleasure. It is a way of conveying emotions in my work. It is my relaxation, most of the time!  I thrive on a challenge and want other people to enjoy my work. The things that inspire me are God’s natural world.  It is so beautiful. I love God’s Word. I love trying to capture the living word through art.

I feel that people get an instant connection with something visual. This works for me also. I feel closer to God and Jesus whilst drawing or painting. I can feel  much more clearly and get a better perspective of what Jesus went through and achieved, by the visual arts.  I want to capture the love, strength, power of the Holy Trinity, God the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, for the people of this world to see.”

Geron’s work in the collection




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