Diane Fairfield

Diane Fairfield- artist“I paint to glorify God as an act of worship and obedience.  Years ago the Lord used a painting to reveal Himself and show me who Jesus truly is.  I want to do for others what that painting did for me.  I believe He has given me a gift that I am to use for Him – to witness to both believers and believers-to-be.

Scripture passages talk about using our gifts to help build His Temple, which I believe to mean His Kingdom here on earth.  He has shown me that we are in partnership in this endeavor. I want to communicate about beauty in natural and spiritual realms and be a witness about faith and relationship with a living God.  I aspire to do this through a compellingly use of color, texture, light, space, perspective. Three themes dominate and are often interwoven:  landscapes, animals, and prophetic.  My inspiration comes from God and the environment with many paintings inspired by Scripture or God-given visions.  My aim is to create art that inspires, instructs, provokes, encourages.”

More of Diane’s work in the collection:

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