Colin Joseph Burns

Colin Joseph Burns- artist“I paint largely in acrylics but also in oils. I see my paintings as an expression of my Christian faith and my own lifelong seeking after God. They reflect both my initial journey to find him, and my subsequent desire to know Him more. Journeying into the unknown, a sense of adventure and discovery, hinting that there is something more beyond the physical world that we can see. These are the themes that I am exploring in my work. I do this predominantly through landscape painting. God’s creation speaks of Him and points to Him. My hope is that the viewer is drawn into the paintings and that they are touched by an the unseen presence of the Holy Spirit. My acrylic paintings are heavily influenced by the watercolour techniques of artists such as Turner and Chinese artists. In these I allow the paint to flow creating unexpected moments of beauty.” 

More of Colin’s work in the collection:







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