Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings“I want to show the beautiful world that God made. We are part of creation too. He made us creative in His image and I want to use my creativity to show my wonder, to worship and to convey meaning to others. Just lately, I have been taking inspiration from verses from the Psalms. A verse can lead to an image and then a painting.

From childhood, I have always loved art: drawing, painting and just looking at it. I like to be outdoors, enjoying timeless, unspoilt scenery and vast skies. I appreciate the way that light changes the atmosphere and mood of a place. If you can manage to capture just a little bit of what you are trying for, painting can be really exciting. As an artist, I aim to continue to improve my skills, but I also want my pictures to say something.” 


Chris’s work in the Veritasse collection:



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