Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings

“I love God and I love painting.  Scripture inspires my artwork. A verse can lead to an image – which becomes a painting.

I love looking at nature. Even the smallest to the grandest, the contrasts between the intricate and simple, the most permanent to the fleeting. I am uplifted. And I see the goodness of God everywhere.

There is excitement in seeing places I know translated through art – starting with a sketch and photos, building up layers of acrylic colour as I paint in my art room. I use vibrant colour and strong contrasts to convey a tangible, evocative sense of what it feels like to be there, in that scene, an intrinsic part of creation.

My hope is that through my art I might encourage, uplift, strengthen and comfort others. I hope to bring feelings of hope and joy, serenity and peace, energy and refreshing, simply by inviting them to engage, participate and be embraced.”

Chris Jennings’ original artwork for sale

Chris’s work in the Veritasse print collection:



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