About Veritasse

The Veritasse vision is :

  • Securing income for Christian artists, through sales of original pictures and commissions on prints
  • Widening access for everyone to the artists’ positive, spiritually uplifting pictures
  • Expanding the Veritasse collection to include more pictures by more artists from more cultures
  • Making sure that God is the foundation for the company, so that it can continue into the future
  • Encouraging artists in their creative journey and seeing young artists daring to paint pictures that reflect their faith
  • Asking the visual arts equivalent of the question, “Why should the devil have all the good music?”


How it all started

Veritasse began promoting the work of Christian artists in 1998. It started with a group of Christian artists who lived in the Oxford area and agreed to show their artwork together. Aidan, one of those artists, began to take a lead on selling and organising and established Veritasse as a company. Since that time, Veritasse has been selling Christian themed original artwork, cards and prints. Wherever the collection has been displayed, people have been moved to tears and felt that God was speaking to them personally.

Quotes from our customers :

“Thank you so much for the print. I received it in good time, without issue and I am very pleased with the print. It is currently hanging on my living room wall. There are other prints I have seen on the Veritasse website which I’ll be ordering in the future God willing. Once again thank you very much.”  PK, January 2023

“I will put them [cards] to good use and know that they will be a blessing to many. Thanks again!”  KH, January 2023

“My order arrived promptly and the cards are lovely. I’ll be ordering more at some point.”   MB, July 2020

“Thanks for your patience – and the beautiful artwork for discussion!”  NR, July 2020

“I am truly delighted: I find it a powerful image.  Thank you for enabling me to have the image which is so right for me.”

“The pictures are so peaceful and allow quiet, deep reflection on my faith. Thank you.”



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Christian art by Veritasse means great pictures with Bible themes. We sell original artwork and arrange commissions. Veritasse also makes inspirational pictures available to everyone. You can buy images as cards and prints in our online shop.

Veritasse supports the work of Christian artists, helping them to sell their work. This means they can afford to keep painting the pictures that God gives them. When you buy Bible art online from Veritasse, you are helping the company to expand and grow. You are helping new generations to access inspirational pictures that will build their faith.

The Veritasse watermark and logo are displayed for image protection but do not appear on the products.

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