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Veritasse aims to be the number one UK gallery for Christian themed, original fine artwork.

Veritasse started in 2004, working with a wide group of Christian artists. As a result, people have an opportunity to see and buy contemporary fine art with Christian themes. Veritasse sells originals, prints and greetings cards online.

Veritasse supports Christian artists, by helping them to sell their original work. This means they can afford to keep painting the pictures that God gives them. When you buy Bible based art from Veritasse, you are helping the company to grow. You are helping new generations to access inspirational pictures that will build their faith.

Receive a FREE digital copy of “Art and Eternity- the value of Christian art” updated in 2022 and featuring some well loved artworks form our collection.

We are always happy to consider new work from artists based on specific scriptures or work which is a personal response to God’s love, forgiveness and provision for us. If you are an artist and wish to find out more, click here

Churches and Christian organisations can buy download licences to use pictures in services or publications.

The Veritasse watermark and logo are displayed for image protection but do not appear on the products.


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