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The hairs of your head by Amanda Steel

The verse on the back of the greetings card reads, "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered." Luke 12 : 7

"When my children were born I was amazed to discover how captivating I found every part of them, their ears, feet, the shape of their bellies, and  I particularly loved the way their newborn hair swirled around the crown of their heads.  I found something special in looking at them as they were turned away from me, almost as if it was a glimpse of their independence. I recognise they are their own person and will one day be taking their own path. As I took in every little hair, blemish and wrinkle on their heads, I realised that this is how the Father looks at us. When we are unaware, even when we turn away, he knows us so well. He watches us so intently. He has every hair on our head numbered."

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