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What our customers say

“I am truly delighted: I find it a powerful image.  Thank you for enabling me to have the image which is so right for me.”

“The pictures are so peaceful and allow quiet, deep reflection on my faith. Thank you.”

“Veritasse has been a great find for me, a blessing on the way home to Liverpool from an all-night prayer meeting in London, when praying for our nation. Whenever I have spare moment I access your website. Throughout my life I have found the creativity of the arts so relaxing – particularly when studying for examinations.”

“I discovered Veritasse a few years ago and have used them [the pictures] in small group settings and during church services to great effect.  Many of the congregation have commented on how helpful they have found the artwork particular during times of reflection and contemplation.  Many thanks for the ability to download and use the art.”

The Veritasse vision is :

  • Widening access for everyone to the artists’ positive, spiritually uplifting pictures
  • Securing income for Christian artists, through sales of original pictures and commissions on prints
  • Expanding the Veritasse collection to include more pictures by more artists from more cultures
  • Creating a solid financial foundation for the company, so that it can continue into the future
  • Encouraging artists in their creative journey and seeing young artists daring to paint pictures that reflect their faith
  • Asking the visual arts equivalent of the question, “Why should the devil have all the good music?”

Words from our Director

Sue Newham says, “Since becoming director in 2011, God has been expanding my view of His amazing creativity and reminding me afresh how He has made creativity part of our DNA. I have realised the amazing power of pictures to communicate, and if there is one thing that God is passionate about, it is communicating his love to those He has created. God has built the love of creativity and communication into my heart too, which is why I am so committed to developing Veritasse.”

About Veritasse- how it all started

Veritasse began promoting the work of Christian artists in 1998. It started with a group of Christian artists who lived in the Oxford area and agreed to show their artwork together. Aidan, one of those artists, began to take a lead on selling and organising and established Veritasse as a company. Since that time, Veritasse has been selling Christian themed original artwork, cards and  prints. Wherever the collection has been displayed, people have been moved to tears and felt that God was speaking to them personally.

Get involved

If you are an artist interested in joining Veritasse,you may find this article useful.

Please get in touch, if you are able to support the Veritasse vision in any way.








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