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Click here to view the Veritasse original artwork brochure July 2014 showcasing original artworks by Veritasse artists.

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Apologies if you have tried to visit the Veritasse website over the past 2 weeks and found an empty space! We had a catastrophic server crash, which affected Veritasse and other organisations as well. The website has been rebuilt on a new hosting ser...
After 10 years of being in the Veritasse collection, the 5 well-known images by Matt Hoile are being withdrawn. It's not that they aren't great images, it is simply that Matt feels that his style has changed and developed and feels that now is the ti...
Sue Newham has revealed the first 3 paintings in her series about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. All three can be viewed in detail in our Originals section....
Christian art online by Veritasse means high quality pictures with scriptural themes. Images are available in card and print formats. We also sell original artwork and can arrange commissions. Veritasse wants to make inspirational pictures available to people of faith everywhere. Our product range means you can buy Christian art online at a price and size that suits you. Veritasse supports the work of Christian artists, helping them to sell their work. This means they can afford to keep painting the pictures that God gives them. When you buy Christian art online from Veritasse, you are helping the company to expand and grow. You are enabling new generations to access inspirational pictures that will build their faith.

Recent additions include these lovely paintings.

Making all things new by Lynne Pugh

Making all things new by Lynne Pugh

Leap for joy by James Martin

Leap for joy by James Martin

The power and the glory by Rebecca Newell

The power and the glory by Rebecca Newell

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