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Change is a part of my life at the moment. Having made a big move to Wales eight years ago, life had settled down into a more sensible routine. Then this year, a season of transition arrived. In January, we couldn't have foreseen that this year was g...
Christian art online by Veritasse means great pictures with Bible themes. You can buy images as cards and prints. We also sell original artwork and arrange commissions.

Veritasse makes inspirational pictures available to everyone. Our product range means you can buy Christian art online at a price and size that suits you. Veritasse supports the work of Christian artists, helping them to sell their work. This means they can afford to keep painting the pictures that God gives them.

When you buy Bible art online from Veritasse, you are helping the company to expand and grow. You are helping new generations to access inspirational pictures that will build their faith.

The Veritasse watermark and logo are displayed for image protection but do not appear on the products.

Recent additions include these lovely pictures:Rain in the desert by Sue Newham

Rain in the desert by Sue Newham

Love hung on a tree by Carl IrvingLove hung on a tree by Carl Irving












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